Wednesday, 16 March 2016

djobs – An awesome app for better career

We started to work as placement firm working for our customer’s needs that we are still doing.  While doing this we faced a lot of challenges starting from convincing candidates to attend interview at company's locations and vice versa.  Bringing candidates and the panel on the same board was a big challenge. 

This triggered us to think of a solution as, why cant we find candidates near to companies or companies near to candidates.  We searched for readily available platforms.  We could find none. We did a small experiment on solution model and found success.  We thought of using this technology to address this problem efficiently. Thus the recruitment app “djobs” was born!

djobs helps candidates to find jobs near their home location or preferred location.  For example, you stay in Malleswaram and with the help of djobs you can find jobs around Malleswaram or any of your preferred locations.

As a recruiter I have faced friend and even distant relatives sending resumes of their kith and kin asking for suitable jobs.  Like this we used to get lot of applicantions.  We tried to get them placed but we were never 100% successful as profiles also had to match the requirements.  As per the job survey there are more than 20% hike in hiring year on year from 2014 onwards.  We also know that there are more talents available.  But there are no proper platform to connect the dots.  Few lucky get through in the interview drives and few will not.  We wanted to bridge this gap.  One such weapon was Hackathon.  

However, in hackathons only the ones who attended other hackathons used to attend.  To fix this issue, we thought of creating more awarenesswe to attract more and fresh talents to hackathons.  Thus came our tech meetups called – “Bangalore Tech Talk”.  Under this meetup platform, we bring industry specialists and share the trending technologies with aspiring attendees.  This is an on going project.  Because as some on say "Never stop learning as the life never stops teaching"

Despite all these the gap could not be closed.  Ironically the unemploymet and the opportunities were raising side by side.

This gave us the idea of Notifications feature in our app djobs.  Anyways those who are looking for jobs would / should surely be keeping their ears and eyes open on job related events too such as - Job related events here means Meetups, Hands on sessions, tech talks, job talks, walk-in interviews, hacks, etc.  

djobs evolved further to suit the needs as a career coach too. Through djobs we aim to share the job opportunities availabe and also share notifications on job related topics.

So download djobs and stay updated and tuned with trending jobs and job related informations.

Search in playstore by giving "djobs dexter" to get our app.  Rest is our responsibility to curate jobs and job related events for you.  

Now we are on a job to find you a suitable job.

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