Monday, 25 July 2016

One used cloth can be sold for 1200 dollars

Hello Friends,
Here is a small extract from already doing well story in the net to get inspired.  This story says a lot to all including us.
djobs aims to bring in those opportunities to all those who have this app (an android app). 
Exactly if an used cloth's value can be increased then why not ours.  This applies to all freshers to experienced ones to companies to startups to any individual.
djobs objective is same.  djobs was found with this intention only.
We as recruiters used to get loads of profiles asking for job opportunity.  Every day I atleast get.  I love to place them all thru my contacts but unfortunately the requirements I have doesnt need these profiles or the profiles I get dont have suitable opportunities.
However, we attend lot of job / career related events. We know that there are no dearth of opportunities.  We want to bridge this gap.  We want to empower all our candidates with suitable skills by exposing them to these opportunities.  Then we want to help them package themselves better and show them the right market to get suitable opportunities where they are also happy and contented.  
Download the app djobs (android app), stay tuned, attend the events we share if found suitable for your career and enrich yourself for a great career.  Also share this with your friends and family too who are looking for good career opportunity, great learning platform and to network with industry bests.
I humbly request our fellow event organizers to share your events with us to post in our app and spread the message to all career serious folks.  I am reachable at

Happy Career to all
Team djobs Powered by Dexter Talent Labs

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