Hello Hiring Friends,
Am sure all of you would have experienced the biggest challenges in recruitment i.e. increasing no-shows & offer declines.
Our team at Dexter Talent Labs did a thorough market research.
Below are the major reasons for the same-
  • Better offer from peers
  • Attractive perks / Onsite opportunities
  • Distance of travel
  • Awareness / branding of your work
  • Retained by existing employer
Would you like to attract a talent by giving more salary?  Is this a viable strategy?
Would you promise to give onsite opportunity to all your hires?  Is it a possible or feasible option?
You have been awesome to arrange for cab or AC Buses.  Is it again a sustainable option on a long term?
You are spending loads of money on branding.  Your competitors are also spending.  How are  you differentiating from others?
Retained by existing employer is a good thing but again comes with its own pros and cons.
There is a huge difference in recruitment which used to happen without a job portal 10 yrs back and with multiple job portals now.  We as recruiter feel heavy challenges now when we actually have multiple ways to reach out to prospective candidates.
Industry is evolving.  We also need to evolve and try to address the actual problems.  Appreciate different companies are trying to do different things which is a welcome sign.
We at Dexter Talent Labs also faced lot of such experiences.  We dont hesitate in accepting to the fact of very low conversion in our approach.  We had loads of No-Shows to interviews and declines too.  We did lot of experiments to curb this.
Thru this came our app called djobs.  
djobs addresses two out of above 5 issues.
djobs helps companies to find candidates nearby (break the distance).
djobs also aims to re-look at company branding.  Today recruiters send just the company URL to prospective candidates to know about the company.  That is a failed model.  Thru djobs, you can create hyper local experience by sending more on your innovation, your culture, how you are different, your vision, etc to their mobiles as notifications.  It creates more personal bonding.
You are planning for a weekend drive or an hackathon or a tech talk.  Through djobs, you can share information about the same to attract more footfalls.  It shares your events to interested candidates as notification again. 
We used it, we found actual solution to our hiring.  We recommend this to you.  By the way we are giving it for free now.  Try posting your jobs in djobs, try sharing your events thru djobs and see the positive difference.
Its win-win for all (candidates & companies)
We are reachable at janaki@dextertalentlabs.com / 9886559155.
Team djobs - Dexter Talent Labs
djobs play store link is